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Fast & Safe Work

Fast and safe work is of paramount interest to us. We strive to satisfy every client's wish and good communication between us and the client is the cornerstone of our work.

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Pforzheim - Germany 2019
Holzwerke Waal - Germany 2019
Kerkingen - Germany 2019
Egger Biskupiec - Poland 2019
Göppingen - Germany 2018/2019
Lennigen - Germany 2018/2019
Dismantlingof racking system and cooling boxes - Chemnitz 2018
Disassembly of complete slaughtering equipment - Hemmingen 2018
Holzindustrie Stallinger Frankenmarkt 2018
dismount small refrigeration boxes - Mnichov 2018
disposal of the old boiler room germany 2018
Demontage of racking systems and preparation for demolition St Pölten, Austria, 2018
Disposal of boiler room - Zbůch 2018
Montage and installation of cable trains and distribution lines for new technologies Pfeifer Chanovice 2018
And the subsequent dismantling and disposal of old technologies Pfeifer Chanovice 2018
Removal of old wiring and cable routes. Installation and installation of new cable routes and cables Pfeifer Chanovice Dezember 2017, Januar 2018
Complete Reconstruction of Electrical Distribution and Lighting for Shop Rosenheim Modern park Röther 2017
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